Export Packing

We make professional proposals for export packing to transport your products safely to the designated destination.

Provide works for export packing (wood, steel, reinforced carton box)

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Integrated Procedures


At your request, we provide integrated service for procedures of pre-shipment packing, arranging the pick-up schedule by a truck, export packing and unloading (Vanning).



---  CAD Designing  ---



3D CAD Designing


We are specialized to create effective and accessible 3D CAD documents which benefit your design in packing, safeties, and cost.

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EPAL Certified Factory


We sell EPAL pallets which are produced by EPAL certified overseas factory. The palettes are made from high-quality wood under completely automated system to maintain high standards in manufacturing. The stable high-quality is supported by remote inspection system.

--- EPAL Palette: Procedures from Local Manufacturing Control to Domestic Delivery in Japan ---

---  Special Packing Materials  ---




 ■Feature and function in multi-palette


① Secure the products by floating with 

② Securing with the product’s adjuster

③ Securing with the product’s caster



■About Multi Palette


You can complete packing in-house by using our self-packing equipment and cut the packing cost to outsource packing company. It advantages the most for the roundtrip between Japan and overseas factory. Multi Palette assures your packing easy even with products come in various sizes. You can secure them very easy. It is SDGs friendly, and we assure it’s worth consider.


 ■Multi-Palette Packing Procedure 


Your product is secured with the adjuster, the caster, or the loading material by the maneuverable fixed hardware of the palette to adjust with the products comes in various size and features.




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←Watch a video about how to use Multi-Pallet.

---  Packing Materials  ---

 ■Variety in woods

 We offer cut processing for both regular size and customized size of the packing material.



Wood Material

Imported lumber (Radiata pine, Chilean pine, Hemlock)

Japanese lumber (Sakhalin fir, Japanese Larch, Yezo Spruce, Cypress)

LVL Lumber (China)



Lauan plywood, OSB board, Vietnamese plywood, Poplar plywood)