Company Information

Originated in Motomachi and China Town in Yokohama city, we supply international transportation service.

We provide integrated transportation service in cargo collecting/booking, packaging, international customs clearance and delivering.

Using our connection with the international transport/supply chains,

we aim to accelerate our service by fulfilling customer satisfaction and needs and offering solution and ideas in business.

We keep making daily effort and strive to operate as a professional service group as well as increasing value individually.




Company Name

Musashi Trade Transport Co., Ltd.


Main Office

Kannai Chuo Bld. K101, Masago-cho 2-25, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Our office is currently under the renovation until January 2013.


【Contact Information】

TEL 045-651-0634


Shimonoseki Branch in Kyusyu

Kanko Bld. 6F, Takezaki-cho 4-6-8, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan


Date Established

April 1956



Fumihiko Muto


Amount of Capital



Numbers of Employees


--- CEO Message--- 


Since the establishment of the company, we have been in business of General Port Transportation by barge and import/export custom clearance in Yokohama port. Through years of fortunate opportunities, we are still in business and able to supply transportation service in general and mainly for semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers. No customers have the same needs. However, by standing together in the point of customers’ view, we can fulfill the needs. It is our policy to act on that “Our transportation service is the solution for the customers, therefore we would expand and prosper together with customers” and we do not hesitate to supply service beyond logistic support. Along with the same ambition of both employees and external partners, we will do our best to be your special.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!



CEO Fumihiko Mutoh

---  Access  ----

Main Office

JR Negishi Line: 1 minute walk from Kannai station, North exit

Our office is currently under the renovation until January 2013. Current address is shown as above.

Shimonoseki Office

Sanyo-Honsen: 15 minutes walk from Shimonoseki station