International Transportation




■We transport your products to all over the world with care


We offer “One-Stop Service” to reduce complexity of transporting in ocean/air/intermediary transportation and customs clearance for import-export.One of our features in service is providing international transportation by ferry, and we also offer other services besides regular transportation as below.

Integrated transportation of precision machinery and others by using air suspension chassis system.


We handle many products, sensitive to temperature and humidity, and provide integrated transportation by project cargos with specially equipped vehicle. Any other arrangements can be made at your request.

---  Integrated Transportation of Chinese Manufacturer Water Treatment Facilities  ---





Transportation from Taiwan to China


We have arranged overseas local deliver for the water treatment filtration tanks made in Taiwan to Chinese semiconductor manufacture under the request of Japanese client. We will control your overseas local deliver at your request.



---  Integrated Transportation for Precision Equipment to Korean Device Manufacture  ---

■At Shimonoseki and Hakata ports, the air suspension chassis cargo with a Korean license number is arranged in advance.


After arriving at Shimonoseki or Hakata port, the products will be promptly picked up and loaded into the air suspension vehicle with Korean license number. Without reloading, they will be delivered directly to the designated destination in Korea by the same air suspension Chassis used from the beginning. This way makes not only maintaining the high quality of transportation possible but also brings the most in the punctuality of the ferry in scheduled arrivals, and we have received high ratings from many of our current device manufacturers.

■Anti-vibration solutions in transportation by specially equipped cargos


Integrated transportation by using the single air suspension chassis system to Korean device manufacturer from Shimonoseki and Hakata port.

We provide specially equipped cargo to transport your products between Japan and Korea, and pick them up at the designated place in Japan.

During the transportation, the products are protected from the impact of the vibration and the shock, and also the temperature and the humidity is controlled adequately inside of the cargo. 





Temperature Controlled in Transportation


Provide integrated transportation for special devices needing temperature and humid control from Japanese factory to Korean device manufacture

---  Types of Air Suspension Chassis System  --- 

■Flat chassis

A type which the height of the vehicle’s bed covers the rear wheels

A type frequently used

 Maximum height of the shipment is up to 3300mm 


■Low-platform chassis

A type which the height of the vehicle’s bed is lower than the rear wheels. The rear wheels are covered by iron plate.

Able to load heavy cargo since it’s tri-x chassis  

Able to load up to 3800mm in height of the shipment